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Conceptual Design

We excel in crafting unique and captivating designs that bring imaginative characters and creatures to life. Our talented team of conceptual artists possesses a boundless imagination and a deep understanding of the artistic and technical aspects of makeup effects.

Special Makeup Effects

The special makeup effects we create encompass a diverse range of transformative techniques and artistic expertise. From realistic prosthetics to fantastical creatures, our team skillfully crafts unique effects for your individual project needs.

Creature Suits

Our specialty suits are custom-designed to fit performers seamlessly, allowing them to embody fantastical characters. Using high-quality materials & advanced techniques, we ensure durability, comfort, & mobility without compromising on visual impact. From mythical creatures to fearsome monsters, our talented team of artists & technicians work closely to achieve the desired aesthetics & functionality while staying within your budget needs.

Prosthetic Makeup

By designing, manufacturing, & skillfully applying prosthetics, our team bring extraordinary characters to life. We excel in crafting custom-made prosthetic pieces that seamlessly blend with actors' features, producing remarkable effects. Expert craftsmanship ensures flawless integration, lifelike textures, & impeccable blending. From intricate fantasy creatures to lifelike injuries, our prosthetic effects transport audiences into immersive worlds of storytelling.

Forensic & Medical Effects

Fractured FX specializes in creating realistic medical effects for hospital & medical scenarios for productions & hospital training. We craft lifelike wounds, autopsies, injuries, & anatomical models. From crime scene reenactments to medical training, our hyper realistic effects add realism & depth to any project.

Character & Likeness Makeup Design

We bring characters, both fictional & real, to life with astonishing realism. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, & flawlessly applying prosthetic makeup that capture the essence & features of desired characters for various productions. We ensure the highest level of authenticity, allowing actors to seamlessly transform into their roles & captivating audiences with stunningly lifelike appearances.

Specialty Props

With attention to detail and craftsmanship, we create authentic & visually striking props that enhance storytelling. Whether it's a historical artifact or a futuristic invention, our expertise in prop design & manufacturing ensures each piece is tailored to the unique needs of the production.

Hyper Realistic Fake Bodies

Meticulously sculpted, cast & painted, our fake bodies replicate human anatomy flawlessly. Using high-quality materials & advanced techniques, we achieve unparalleled accuracy & detail. Whether for film, television, or training purposes, our fake bodies provide an authentic and immersive experience. Customizable to specific requirements, they serve as invaluable tools for realistic simulations & special effects.

Old Age Makeup

Using special techniques, prosthetics, and makeup, we recreate the natural signs of aging. Wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin, and other details are meticulously applied to achieve realistic results. Whether it's for film, commercials, or television, our Old Age Makeups add depth, authenticity, and believability to characters.

Specialty Costumes

Our creative team of industry veterans is skilled at manufacturing, & expertly applying transformative costumes for film & television productions. By integrating prosthetic elements into costumes, we create awe-inspiring characters with unparalleled realism. Meticulously crafted & tailored to individual projects & actors, our specialty costumes bring fantasy creatures, mythical beings, & unique characters to life.


We combine engineering & artistry to create lifelike animatronic characters with realistic movements, expressions, & interactions. Crafted with precision & attention to detail, our animatronics seamlessly integrate into productions, captivating audiences with their convincing performances.

3D Printing & Scanning

Fractured FX utilizes cutting-edge 3D printing & scanning technology to revolutionize film & television productions. With precise accuracy, we capture & replicate objects, characters, & props through advanced 3D scanning. We also employ state-of-the-art 3D printing techniques to bring these digital creations into the physical world. From detailed props to intricate character models, our expertise in 3D printing & scanning allows us to deliver high-quality, custom-made assets.


Fractured FX Inc., offers Maquette services bringing characters & creatures to life in film & television productions through intricately crafted miniature sculptures. These small-scale models, made with meticulous attention to detail, serve as visual references & guides for the creative process. With expertise in sculpting & 3D printing we capture the essence & aesthetics of characters, allowing directors and designers to visualize & refine their vision. Whether for pre-production planning, costume design, or visual effects, our maquettes provide invaluable insights, ensuring the seamless translation of ideas from concept to reality on screen.

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