Medical Surgical Simulator Development

Tailored Surgical Simulation Trainer Solutions

Individually developed for the specialized medical training needs of our clients.

At Fractured FX Inc., our expertise extends beyond cinematic marvels. We're at the forefront of customizing medical training experiences. Our custom surgical simulation trainers, developed in collaboration with esteemed medical institutions, are designed to meet specific needs, ensuring unparalleled realism and functionality. These trainers are instrumental in bridging the divide between theoretical understanding and tangible practice, offering a unique platform for healthcare professionals to safely refine their techniques.

In the ever-evolving realm of medicine, the need for precise, tailored training tools is paramount. Our trainers aren't off-the-shelf products; they're meticulously crafted solutions, designed to mirror the complexities of human anatomy. This approach provides an immersive experience, enabling surgeons to hone their skills with confidence. The result? Precision, mastery, and a commitment to excellence in patient care.

Join us in this specialized venture, where the art of special effects harmonizes with the mission of advancing medical training. Whether in collaboration with medical professionals or tailored to specific client needs, our goal is to craft the perfect training solution.

Hyper Realistic Surgical Medical Trainers

They mimic the appearance & functionality of an actual surgery.

At Fractured FX Inc., we excel in developing & designing custom, lifelike medical surgical trainers tailored for medical professionals, educational institutions, and specialized military applications. Our unwavering dedication to authenticity ensures each trainer not only captures the visual intricacies of human anatomy but also replicates its functional nuances. Through our endeavors, we aim to redefine the standards of realism in surgical training tools.

A real brain undergoing ETV surgery (left) and Fractured FX's brain (right)

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Fractured FX Collaboration with Boston Children's Hospital

Hollywood artistry combined with medical innovation

Fractured FX Inc. collaborated with Boston Children's Hospital to craft hyper-realistic surgical simulation trainers, specifically designed for rare pediatric surgeries. BCH came to us to help them develop these trainers because of our award winning reputation for hyper realistic medical simulation on television shows like The Knick, Westworld Seasons 2-3 & American Horror Story: Freak Show. Engineered to mimic authentic surgical experiences, the trainers we developed with BCH offer unparalleled realism in texture, appearance, and performance. Boston Children's Hospital and Cornell University regularly utilize these surgical trainers for their precision and lifelike fidelity.

Download The PDF From The Journal Of Neurosurgery.

Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy (ETV) Trainer

Developed in conjunction with Boston Children's Hospital.

Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy (ETV) is a surgical procedure used to treat hydrocephalus, a condition where there's an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the brain. The procedure involves creating a hole in the floor of the third ventricle using an endoscope, allowing the CSF to flow out and be reabsorbed, thereby bypassing any obstruction.

The ETV trainer was carefully designed to mimic the intricate structures of the brain and provide a realistic environment for surgeons to practice this delicate procedure.

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View The TED Talk with Dr. Peter Weinstock

Lifelike simulations that make real-life surgery safer

Critical care doctor Peter Weinstock shows how surgical teams are using a blend of Hollywood special effects and 3D printing to create amazingly lifelike reproductions of real patients -- so they can practice risky surgeries ahead of time. Think: "Operate twice, cut once." Glimpse the future of surgery in this forward-thinking talk.
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Our Medical Simulation Capabilities

Bridging Artistry with Medical Precision

Custom Surgical Simulator Development

At Fractured FX Inc., our Custom Surgical Simulator Development services are tailored to meet the unique needs of medical professionals and institutions. We collaborate closely with our clients to design and craft surgical trainers that replicate specific anatomical scenarios, procedures, or pathologies. By combining our expertise in special effects with medical insights, we ensure each simulator offers an unparalleled level of realism and functionality.

Advanced Composite and Material Development

We engineer materials that closely mimic human tissue, ensuring our surgical trainers offer an experience that's as close to real-life as possible. Our commitment is to push the boundaries of realism, providing unparalleled tactile feedback and durability in every product.

Bio-Mimetic Tissue Replication

Building on our deep expertise in material development & anatomical design, Fractured FX Inc. offers Bio-Mimetic Tissue Replication Development Services. This capability focuses on creating synthetic tissues that not only visually resemble real tissues but also mimic their tactile properties. Ideal for surgical practice, these replicated tissues provide medical professionals with a hands-on experience that closely mirrors real-life surgeries, ensuring a more comprehensive training process.

Seamless Collaboration with Medical Professionals

Fractured FX Inc. prides itself on fostering strong partnerships with medical experts. Our collaborative approach ensures that the insights and needs of professionals are integrated into every product, resulting in surgical trainers that truly resonate with the demands of modern medicine.

Veterinary Surgical Simulator Development

At Fractured FX Inc., our expertise extends beyond human anatomy. With our Veterinary Surgical Simulator Development capability, we craft lifelike models that replicate the unique anatomical structures of various animals. Collaborating closely with veterinary professionals, we ensure each simulator provides an authentic experience, enhancing training and surgical precision in the field of veterinary medicine.

Anaplastology Design & Development

Venturing into the specialized realm of anaplastology, Fractured FX Inc. offers design and development services that focus on creating prosthetic devices to restore a patient's appearance and function. Our commitment to realism and functionality ensures that each prosthetic is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Full Color 3D Printing Capabilities

Embracing the latest in technological advancements, Fractured FX Inc. offers Full Color 3D Printing capabilities. This allows us to produce intricate, detailed, and vibrant models or parts with speed and accuracy, ensuring that our products are both visually striking and functionally robust.

Advanced Mold Making

Craftsmanship lies at the heart of our offerings. With our Advanced Mold Making service, Fractured FX Inc. employs cutting-edge techniques to produce molds of unmatched precision. This meticulous process guarantees that every detail, no matter how minute, is captured and replicated.

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